RBA celebrates World Photo Day

August 19th marks World Photo Day. The date which pays homage to when the French government purchased the patent for the daguerreotype process — the first commercially successful photographic method of creating highly detailed images on a sheet of copper plate with a thin coat of silver.

And as a picture speaks a thousand words, we’ve compiled an album of top snaps from our projects over the years to mark the occasion.

So, sit back, relax, and take a look back through the archives…


Red sky at night

We loved the dramatic setting of this data centre in the north-eastern suburb of Paris.

The former postal sorting facility was transformed into a modern hub of contemporary architecture in 2018, and we’re still very proud of our contribution on the striking development.

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Paul Smith_1

Bold interiors

We were delighted to offer local knowledge, guidance, and consistent design across six Paul Smith stores in Paris and Antwerp, all while regularly communicating with its UK-based workforce.

The result of this project was a host of unique, eclectic spaces which reflected the brand’s funky style. And the whole team learnt a lot — including the most effective way to glue pennies to a wall!

Take a look around…

LinkedIn office - Level 6 - Paris - Henri J Lyons - Agilite -Seek

A slick new space

We were tasked with creating a fresh workspace within LinkedIn’s existing Parisian HQ, complete with socially distanced desk hubs along with informal and collaborative spaces.

Relishing the opportunity to get creative with wall graphics and work pods, we’re pretty pleased with how the space turned out.

Dive in!


Pops of colour

The new store for Nike at the Quatre Temps shopping centre in La Défense Paris granted the RBA team the opportunity to put their heads together in showcasing the fitness brand’s bold clothing lines.

We love the industrial, yet vibrant aesthetic in this shot.

Check it out.


Style and substance

We’re still thrilled with the work we did with an Amsterdam-based suit brand to transform the 600m2 space with illuminated wall drawings, bespoke furniture, internal fixtures, and fine material detailing.

Plus, something about the composition of this image is incredibly satisfying — what do you think?

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