Data Centres

RBA is one of the leading architectural practices in the French data centre industry. The firm has worked on numerous projects in Europe and the Middle East, notably in France for Global Switch, Equinix, Digital Realty, Telecity, Sodearif, Bouygues, Microsoft and Amazon. The complexity of these projects requires an experienced team with technical know-how to manage the large consumption of energy, quantity of heat produced, safe housing of high-tech equipment, and vast dimensions of the building. 

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Reid Brewin Architects has extensive experience in the design and construction of retail spaces. We understand the particular importance of sourcing high quality and innovative materials to ensure that each space is interesting and unique, helping our clients create the best experience for their customers and enhance their sales experience. We conduct regular site visits and monitor work quality at every stage, to ensure that our projects meet the high standards demanded by luxury boutiques. Through years of helping our clients source the latest fashionable materials and finishes, we have gained extensive knowledge of these materials and their manufactures, allowing us to comply with local building regulations whilst also maintaining our high standards and fulfilling client needs.  

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At Reid Brewin Architects, we have extensive experience in the workplace sector. We have delivered large scale office developments, space planning exercises and bespoke, retrofit projects for select clients. RBA work regularly on space-planning, refurbishment, fit-out and renovation projects, with an experienced team consisting of several architects with interior design training and experience, and access to 3D image production and design documentation. We also use our network of specialist furniture suppliers, sign designers, and move managers in signage and move-management, to provide our clients with a complete design service for all fit-out projects. 

Supported by a network of specialist furniture suppliers and designers as well as specialists in signage and move-management, we provide clients with a complete design service for all fit-out projects. Our projects are modelled using the latest Revit and BIM software to ensure the coordination of the various designers and suppliers. The use of BIM software aids quality control and change management across all projects.

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Science & Technology

Reid Brewin Architects has developed its skills and expertise in the scientific sector through the recent appointment of a dedicated science and research team. The team is headed by Jon Davies and Gerald Darmon, who have extensive experience within this field including flagship projects in both the UK and France.  

Within this team, RBA seeks to be a science leader, actively developing and promoting science-lead-wellbeing, functionality, innovation, and the need for sustainable construction. Sustainability is a core company value, which RBA pride themselves on delivering in each project.  

RBA is also experienced in designing laboratories, vet schools, and research institutes, showcasing a deep expertise in creating functional, modern spaces tailored to the specific needs of scientific and educational communities for a variety of competitions. 

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Renovation and Refurbishment

Reid Brewin Architects has been involved in several building renovation projects. Our technical knowledge of construction enables us to undertake major renovation works for residential, industrial, logistics, and storage buildings in Europe and the Middle East. Through our project contribution, we help clients extend the life of their buildings, generating a benefit to the environment and creating better operational efficiency and profitability for the building’s users. 

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BIM Capability

To provide our customers with the best possible service, Reid Brewin Architects has been using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software for all of our major projects since 2011. The software we have chosen is ‘Revit’ and is produced by Autodesk, who also manage AutoCAD. This process enables us to make intelligent building models, which supports design development and the speed and accuracy of producing tender/construction documentation. By making Revit integral in our daily working practices, we gain numerous benefits, from the design phase through to construction, in particular facilitating the analysis of our ideas to ensure coherence in the overall design. Through simulation tools, we can predict performance before construction. For our clients, it guarantees the most efficient and effective solutions. It allows us to achieve the highest quality in design, construction and management.

Revit provides us with a unique environment to develop a virtual project for our clients. By using this software we can create precise 3D models of the project and into these models integrate all the elements critical to effective, efficient design and construction. We can produce information such as plans, sections, elevations and 3D views as well as analytical functions (light, structure, energy and quantities) included in the software.

As all the information is contained in one model rather than many separate files and can be worked on simultaneously by the various consultants, the project becomes more time and cost-effective to manage – an advantage that appeals to our clients and their contractors.

In formalising our procedures and defining quality standards, our team works collaboratively on the same 3D model to produce high-quality information with greater accuracy than the traditional methods. By working in this way our clients are assured of the best possible coordination between the design team, as well as help manage the budget and programme requirements correctly.


Sustainability is at the centre of an important movement concerning the whole construction industry. The sustainability regulations have been progressively established between various people working in construction, the environment and public services to integrate the principals of sustainable development across all of the activities linked to conception, construction, function and maintenance of a building.

Reid Brewin Architects have always integrated into their projects criteria which are now covered under the term “Sustainability”. The practice promotes the themes of durable development at the heart of all of their projects. We try to reconcile economic, social and environmental aspects of human activity to maximise the efficiency of resources used (water, energy, and construction materials), to reduce the overall impact on the environment and to find a coherent, long term balance between these three factors.

We strongly believe that architects have a central role to play in the conception of projects by responding to the goals of sustainability. This naturally promotes good practice by making us aware of the importance that the statutory regulations and codes of conduct have to play in achieving excellence.

Each of our projects is based on a thorough analysis of the environment in which our proposal will sit. We take into account the orientation, the surroundings, energy requirements, water management, biodiversity, air quality, temperature, acoustics and use of local materials.

Reid Brewin Architects carefully consider the environmental impact of all our projects. From the very beginnings of a project to ensure buildings are orientated to optimise solar gain, natural daylight and ventilation, through to the retrofit of existing buildings and the inclusion of energy-efficient technologies. RBA is currently developing designs that incorporate new green spaces in the grounds and roof terraces of projects in inner-city Paris. One of our data centre projects uses its waste energy to heat local greenhouses generating food produce as part of an urban farming project.

Our interior fit-out project for Nike in Les Halles was awarded an LEED Gold certification for its environmental performance. The project scored highly for its construction waste management plan, indoor air quality and efficient use of energy, water and recycled materials.

Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 14-53-07 Reid Brewin Architects Architectural practice in London Sustainability

Sustainable Architecture Design Standards

Building Research Establishment Environmental Method was formed in the UK in 1990 and was the first method for assessing the environmental performance of buildings. BREEAM guidelines cover many different types of building, including Industrial, Residential, Education, Healthcare and Retail.

Haute qualité environnementale was formed in France in 2013. The scheme assesses a project at 3 stages; once the building programme is established, at the end of the conception phase and at the end of the construction period. HQE is much more orientated towards the comfort and health of the individual.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design was formed in the United States in 1998. LEED is the most widely used green building rating system, with over 100,000 projects using the certification worldwide. LEED projects can be placed in to 5 overarching categories and the assessment
is a two-part process, involving a design phase review and also a construction phase review.


We carry numerous architectural industry certifications and are proud to have received recognition for our work.

ISO 9001 - RGB
Certified ISO 9001 since 2010
We have quality management systems in place to keep us efficient and organised. By ensuring continuity of work between staff and our consultant teams we can improve the quality of our work and ensure client satisfaction.
ISO 14001 - RGB
Certified ISO 14001 since 2011
As an architectural practice we are aware of our responsibility towards sustainable development and aim to minimise our impact on the environment whilst raising awareness in our projects of technical developments.
Certified Cyber Essentials since 2019
As part of our commitment to robust data security, Reid Brewin Architects is CyberEssentials certified. CyberEssentials is a UK Government-backed scheme to help organisations protect themselves from cyber-attacks such as hacking, phishing & password guessing.