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At Reid Brewin Architects we believe the most successful architecture is the result of collaboration. As one of the leading architects in the French and British data centre industries, we listen carefully to our clients, researching and exploring different design solutions. Our innovative design skills, knowledge of local planning and building regulations create the very best for every building project.

Founded in 2006 by two British architects Alex Reid and Adrian Brewin in Paris, RBA has grown steadily into a team of 80, with studios in London, Milan, and the recent addition of Madrid in 2024. The staff is assembled of over 20 nationalities leading to a strong multicultural identity and a source of open-mindedness. RBA stands for collaborative excellence, emphasizing the belief that the most successful architecture emerges from collaboration.

The practice prides itself on carefully listening to clients, putting them first, conducting thorough research, and exploring diverse design solutions. The practice has experience delivering projects across Europe, either directly as RBA or as a member of the International Design (IDeA) Alliance Network – a registered Swiss based alliance of like-minded practices looking to support clients across Europe. Reid Brewin Architects specialises in the design of data centres, offices fit-outs, laboratories, and high-end retail. Aiming to provide clients with the best possible user experience, they collaborate to find the right balance between creativity, functionality, and efficiency in their projects. Client satisfaction remains a cornerstone, and RBA’s quality management system ensures that our work is effective and aligned with customer expectations.


Construction of a Data Centre (Reid Brewin Architects)
Data Center en construction à Pantin (Reid Brewin Architectes)


We approach each project by analysing; the implications of the brief, budget, and programme, working closely with the client whilst being open and reactive to their wishes. Clear communication is essential and helps to inform and inspire our projects. Our architectural forms are derived from these criteria without a predefined style, with preference given to maximum natural light and ventilation, with a strong focus on sustainable architecture.

Client led

We listen carefully to our clients’ demands and ask probing questions, uncovering previously unforeseen ideas and solutions.

In context

We look holistically at all involved factors: from the site, to the environment, to the ultimate end user, with specific focus on the aspirations for living, working and general time spent within the designed space. We are multiculturally sensitive, knowledgeable and experienced in local building regulations and compliances.

A balanced approach

We balance our enthusiasm, intelligence and creativity with rigorous organisation and practical functionality.

End to end

We believe that a project’s success depends on strong professional relationships, so we like to be involved from the beginning to the end of our projects. 


Adrian Brewin

Adrian Brewin

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

John Hutchinson

John Hutchinson

RBA has over 90 employees across four offices, comprising of over 20 nationalities and our architects are supported by an administrative, marketing, finance, IT, and quality assurance team.

RBA is an active member of the International Design Alliance (IDeA) Network, a global collective of architects and designers who aim to promote design excellence and respond to globalization. The network, which spans nineteen countries, consists of over a dozen renowned firms and aims to serve clients better by harnessing our shared philosophy and wide-ranging expertise to seamlessly deliver ground-breaking projects for our clients. We regularly collaborate with our partner offices across Europe and the Middle East, such as in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the USA to deliver innovative, environmentally responsible projects that meet diverse cultural and regulatory needs across borders. With a shared philosophy of collaboration, IDeA enhances functionality, sustainability, and the overall client experience by seamlessly integrating expertise and resources from its multidisciplinary teams.