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Behind the designs… planning, designing, and reminiscing

Although December felt like a particularly short month, that didn’t stop the RBA team from getting stuck into the action before we downed tools for a well-earned break.

And, while festivities progressed all over the world, much of the work continued on our various construction sites across Paris, London, and beyond.

Here’s a look at what’s been happening over the past few weeks.

RBA construction in the mist

Construction in the mist

Determined that works must go on, the team captured these dramatic shots while visiting a data center project south of Paris.

While you can’t necessarily tell from the photographs, progress is certainly being made on this development, and we’re excited to see the finished product soon.

RBA construction

On the home straight

There’s light at the end of the tunnel at another large data center campus in northern Paris.

Not long before we can present the big reveal.

RBA team

Reminiscing the past 12 months

As we approached the end of 2021, we decided to look back at positive news stories that emerged for us during the somewhat turbulent time.

From celebrating a 10-year milestone to starring on a radio show, the RBA team encountered a busy, challenging, and exciting 12 months. Have a read over some of the best bits, here.

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