Designer playlist: Adrian Brewin

Last month, our joint founder Adrian Brewin spoke to Designerati to share his go-to tracks for design inspiration.

In case you missed the original article, catch up below.

As a British architect based in Paris, it’s little wonder that Adrian enjoys a blend of UK beats and classic French melodies.

As he explains: “These aren’t my desert island discs, but rather a collection of songs which provide the perfect background music when I needed to get in the ‘design zone’. The only caveat? I must listen to these tracks on headphones – something which originates from my student days and the need to concentrate in noisy spaces.

“Looking through the list, there are a couple of themes that appear, such as how insignificant it all is – Little Fluffy Clouds, The Sea, Breathe, We Are All Made of Stars – and a nod to the idea that we shouldn’t take things too seriously.

“Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I don’t tend to listen to the words. Lyrics are somewhat instrumental when the music is in the background.”

We asked Adrian to highlight three of the most meaningful tracks from his selection:

Little Fluffy Clouds, The Orb

This really evokes feelings of warmer weather and open, empty spaces – almost like a clean piece of paper, starting work on a drawing, or a building design model on the computer. It’s the perfect place to begin.

Missing, Everything But The Girl

I’m always searching for something to improve but also, like a lot of these songs, it evokes emotion, passion, and reminds me how lucky I am just to be here – so I should pull my finger out, shut up whinging, and get on and do something remarkable.

Caroline, MC Solaar

Simply because it’s in French. I moved to Paris in 1999 and the city has become such a massive part of my life and my career.

Check out his full playlist here.


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