What are the benefits of Revit?

Clients, architects, engineers, consultants… who benefits from using Revit?

Revit et BIM
3D Modeling in Revit for a project to refurbish a typical Parisian building

Revit allows for better organisation in construction projects by providing intelligent 3D modeling of the building design.

Revit is BIM (Building Information Modeling) software used in structuring construction projects in 3D and in the production of intelligent modeling of building designs. The main advantage of using Revit is that it provides lots more information about the site and the building than any other solution. This can be in the form of a short film, a list of materials, an inventory or cost calculations. In turn this helps to save time, reduces the factors for error and provides automation of many tasks, such as the production of plans, elevations and sections. It requires a complete change in working methods which initially needs a large investment of time to set up. However this investment at the beginning it well worth the time and the effort spent as, in the long term, working with Revit brings huge advantages to the whole team involved in a construction project. In particular it is of great benefit to the client as with the increased efficiency of those working on the project the profitability over time is greatly improved.

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