Construction of 3 Data Centres with a dedicated power supply

This project involves the construction of three new data centre buildings at Rheims for computer hosting and collocation services. Each building consists of two levels of computer rooms with offices to one side and technical facilities with generators to the other. Two types of generators have been used, both static and dynamic, each one offering different advantages according to the requirements of the proposed tenants. This project involves the construction of 3 data centres with a dedicated power supply. The operation is located in a business park which is part of a masterplan to the east of Paris. The site is landscaped and well connected to new roads and services. Each building has two levels containing a total area of 20,000m². There is approximately 1,200m² of office space and 8,000m² of data space in each building. Following the design of the building volume, RBA paid particular attention to the facade and how it would be integrated into its future environment. The surrounding landscaping has been modelled to favour certain views of the buildings and to break down the scale of the project in its immediate environment. One of the aims was to reduce the visual impact of technical services located on the roof. Regarding sustainable design, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our project to a minimum, both in its realisation and its future operation, including its energy requirements. Although there is still no French certification system dedicated to data centres, we consider sustainability as an essential element in the whole architectural design process.  



Date : 2011

Location : Seine et Marne

Gross area :25,741 m²

Phase : -