Renovation and extension project in Saint Denis, France

Following the success of PA4, RBA were asked to participate in another major project for EQUINIX in the former Digital Realty data centre campus in Saint-Denis on the outskirts of Paris. This very ambitious project consists of adding two new buildings on the campus to create over 9,000m² of data hall space, as well as reworking the entrance hall and office space. An innovative feature of the project is the creation of a roof top garden, including greenhouses which can be used for fruit and vegetable production as well as recreational use. In addition, because of the proximity of a listed building, the new project required approval for the French Historic Buildings Architect. The site works started in 2018 and are due from completion in 2020.  


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Date : 2022

Location : Saint-Denis

Gross area :58,000 m²

Phase : -