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Six reasons why we’re proud to have a multicultural workplace

60 employees (and counting!), 17 nationalities and 12 languages spoken. The Reid Brewin Architects collective really does embody what it means to be a multicultural workforce – but why does it matter, and how does it help colleagues and clients in the long run? While there are many benefits to life at RBA, here are some of the key advantages of having such a breadth of worldly insight…

  1. Improved creativity

Much of our work centres around design, and a multitude of viewpoints, attitudes, experiences, and ideas – many of which have been honed across the globe – creates a fantastic melting pot of inspiration when it comes to putting pen to paper.

  1. Striving to push the envelope

While a diverse workforce is one of the natural by-products of a team which blends people from all backgrounds – it can also inspire innovation and bring disruptive ideas to the table which help to drive an organisation, and its output, above the competition.

  1. Outperforming competitors

Linked to the above, as ideas and productivity improves, as will company reputation – and not just in terms of winning work. Leading by example will attract the very best talent on offer – and so the cycle begins again.

  1. Inspiring others

A variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and languages spoken lends itself to a ‘free’ company culture – and one where open expression is actively encouraged. New ideas and perspectives are supported across the entirety of the business, while colleagues are more inspired to learn second and third languages.

  1. Employees can speak their native language

Many colleagues are multilingual – with French and English being top of the list. However, we work alongside people from various countries including Spain, Portugal, UK, Italy, the Netherlands… and being able to communicate in a multitude of different language is not only a benefit for RBA as a brand, but the wider workforce too. For colleagues who have joined us from around the world, being able to speak to clients and teammates in their native tongue is a nice perk.

  1. A better experience for clients

It’s a proven fact that a multicultural workforce can improve companies’ ability to connect and communicate with customers, as workers are already more sensitive to other cultures and attitudes thanks to the diversity within their own teams. We’re incredibly proud of our empathy in a varied approach to architecture.

If you’d like to join the team, we’d love to hear from you. Find out what roles are available in our London and Parisian offices, here.

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