Data Privacy at RBA

Data privacy is an increasingly important concept in the digital age, as organisations are tasked with protecting their customers’ sensitive information. As part of its commitment to cyber security, Reid Brewin Architects utilises a Common Data Environment (CDE) for handling confidential customer data.

The CDE provides a secure ‘single source of truth’ for managing customer data within Reid Brewin Architects. It allows users to securely access and manage customer data from anywhere at any time, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to confidential records. The CDE also prevents unauthorised parties from gaining access to private information and allows administrators to quickly identify breaches or suspicious activity so that they can take appropriate action promptly.

By utilising the Common Data Environment, Reid Brewin Architects benefits greatly regarding data privacy; key advantages include improved security measures through encryption technology, better organisation due to streamlined processes across departments, and more efficient workflows with fewer duplication errors made by employees. Everything is secured and safe in the same place.    

Reid Brewin Architects overcame challenges while implementing its CDE system, such as adhering strictly to GDPR while maintaining high-security levels. The company adopted several solutions to address these issues effectively, including regular backups, version control systems, and strict user authentication protocols via two-factor authorisation whenever possible. Additionally, all files stored on the CDE were encrypted using encryption technology for added protection against potential cyber threats or malicious attacks from outside sources – further reinforcing our commitment towards maintaining maximum online safety standards for our customers’ records and sensitive details at all times.

We understand how important it is for companies today — especially those working heavily with consumer data. Remaining vigilant about cyber security threats is why we continue investing resources into developing safe practices when handling confidential information online. By deploying leading quality software solutions and working in the Common Data Environment (CDE), we make sure that every effort is taken here at Reid Brewin Architects towards protecting our customers’ precious privacy rights, thus providing them peace of mind regarding their digital interactions with us.

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