Technological advances in architectural drawing: from 2D to 3D, to computer graphics and animated films

As architects, we have seen the recent development of architectural drawing evolve considerably. In 35 years, we have moved from line drawings by hand in Rotring pen to Computer Aided Design (CAD) with AutoCad and then to BIM (Building Information Management) with Revit.
A new 3D-oriented evolution is now being developed with increasing use of modelling, animation and 3D rendering solutions, such as 3DS Max software, incorporating technologies that in their origins were developed for video game design.
For a long time now we have dreamed of replacing the “classic” drawing board with a tactile drawing table that would allow us to work more smoothly and quickly. The first tools with touch screens are now available but the initial tests carried out on these new screens were rather unsatisfactory due to the drawing tools being slow and full of bugs. It seems we are going to have to wait a little longer for technology to catch up with our dreams….
Image: Tactile Drawing Table replacing the architectural drawing board

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