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Our approach
The architectural approach of the practice is to analyse in depth the implications of the brief, budget and programme, working closely with the client whilst be open and reactive to their wishes. Good team communication is essential and helps to inform and inspire the office and all our projects. Our architectural forms are derived from these criteria without a predefined style and with preference given to maximum natural light and ventilation, wherever possible.

Client led
We listen carefully and are experienced in asking the questions that will illuminate and unlock.

In context
We look holistically at all factors involved, from the site, to the environment, to the people and their aspirations for living, working or spending time in the designed space.

A balanced approach
We balance our enthusiasm, intelligence and creativity with rigorous organisation and practical functionality.

End to end
We like to be involved from the beginning to the end of a project. We believe a project’s success is based on strong working relationships. As part of the due diligence phase we would gather information on the company in the form of standard questionnaires and interviews with key personnel or use the client’s previous project experience. This would then be related to client guidelines and as part of the design process brought together with the survey information to produce the preliminary designs as part of the final programme report.


At Reid Brewin Architects we believe the most successful architecture is the result of collaboration. We listen carefully to our clients, researching and exploring different design solutions. Our innovative design skills, knowledge of local planning and building regulations create the very best for every building project. We deliver the right architecture for our clients whether it is for a Data Centre, workspace, boutique retail or laboratory space.


Paris Studio
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Paris, 75002
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London Studio
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Milan Studio
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Milano, 20159
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