data centre facade

Planning application approved for Datacentres in Reims

July 2011 at our Architectural Practice

Reid Brewin Architects have recently received approval for 3 new datacenters to be built near Reims in northern France. The buildings are part of a new industrial park which will be developed near to the train station with fast transport links to Paris. Each building contains data halls, plant rooms and a dedicated entrance with client offices.
Reims - Permis de construire de datacenter
Planning permission granted for a new data centre in industrial park near Reims. Reid Brewin Architects have worked closely with the property developer in designing two datacentre solutions with criteria to suit different markets and end-users – a ‘static’ type and a ‘dynamic’ type. ‘Static’ datacentres rely on batteries stored on site for reserve and backup power supply, whereas ‘dynamic’ datacentres use diesel rotary engines called DRUPS to provide the backup power in the event of an electrical problem and can start within seconds of the outage. This project has allowed us to build on our experience and expertise in datacentre design, already developed during previous projects, notably Global Switch and Pantin.

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