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Modular Datacentres

February 2013 at our Architectural Practice

Datacenter modulaire
Modular datacentre project

Modular datacentres – a flexible and efficient solution

While datacentres are at the heart of the technological challenges in tomorrow’s world, modular datacentres herald a flexible and efficient solution. The distinctive feature of modular datacentres lies in the fact that they are built by adding successive modules. Therefore they require a lower initial investment compared to the cost of building a traditional datacentre.

From an architectural point of view, this solution requires a global vision to integrate the different modules smoothly. It also needs an excellent knowledge of the technical challenges at stake, as in any datacentre project: specifically the cooling system, power supply and security solutions.

Reid Brewin Architects architecture practice has expertise in designing and building datacentres and is currently working on a project for the construction of a modular datacentre on the outskirts of Paris.

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