Modular Datacenter in the East of Paris

Design of a Modular Data Centre

During the last few months Reid Brewin Architects have been working on a project to develop a modular Data Centre to the east of Paris. The main constraints of the project are due to the PLU (Local Planning Plan) and there are also some geotechnical aspects to consider (soft ground).

The Data Centre is comprised of one main building as an outer shell under which the modules are housed. The construction is such as to allow for new modules to be added as and when required.

This modular Data Centre is organised around the several distinct areas: two technical areas (outside and inside on the ground floor), a data suite and the office areas.
In the design of this modular Data Centre, we devised solutions to animate the façade and reduce the ‘solid’ and monotonous nature of the elevations by alternating open areas with opaque panels. We also sought to address the transitions between the building towards the sky and secondly between the base of the building and the ground by the use of verticality in the architectural detailling, whilst also promoting a harmonious integration of the buildings into their environment through quality landscape design.
Conception d'un Data Center modulaire
Design for a Modular datacentre, east of Paris

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