Landscape Design

Integration of landscape design into our architectural projects

Our projects must comply with the local planning regulations in the area – the PLU which is the “Plan Local d’Urbanisme”, and part of this document defines the local restrictions and obligations regarding landscape design. Landscaping is an important element in architectural design and we work closely with professional landscape designers and suppliers to give considered thought to the integration of landscape design in our architectural projects. This consideration allows us to reinforce certain design concepts and to improve the aesthetic quality to our projects.

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Landscape design integrated into our projects

Landscape design is an also an important consideration in the context of sustainable development. In our architectural projects we work hard to reduce the environmental footprint of the buildings we design and to develop projects that respect ecological principles, biodiversity and sustainability.

With specific reference to the datacentre projects we have worked on, landscaping can also serve to reduce the visual impact of the external technical elements, enabling a better integration of the large industrial type buildings into their surroundings.

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