Interior fit-out for a Datacentre in Pantin

March 2011 in our Architectural Practice

Projet Datacenter à Pantin
Interior fit-out of datacentre offices

Datacentre at Pantin for leading international datacentre provider

As part of an ongoing datacentre project being built in Pantin, to the north of Paris, Reid Brewin Architects have been recently working on the design of the interior spaces: mainly the fit-out of the reception areas and offices. The aim is to create an atmosphere that reflects the ethos of the client as well as the specific activity relating to a datacentre. The work of our architectural practice is to develop functional spaces that respond to the needs and working conditions of the everyday users as well as satisfying the ambitions of the client, all whilst conforming and respecting the employment and labour laws.
In terms of design, the project is developed to visually highlight key principles of the corporate identity of the client, in particular in the choice and high quality of the furniture and finishes. The challenge is then to integrate the technical and security elements into the design in an aesthetic, functional and well-conceived manner.
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