Integrated automation control systems or smart buildings

November 2010 in our Architectural Practice

La technologie domotique
Fully integrated automation control system
All construction projects can benefit from developments in technology for home automation. The engineers conduct studies, analysis and advise us on the implementation of smart technology in our projects.
La technologie domotique et immotique
Personalised smart technology
Reid Brewin Architects will work with you and assist you to find the best solutions to match your ambitions. Services are converging more and more with the computer world. Applications allow multiple advantages for interconnectivity and easier management of your electronic and mechanical systems. Telecommunications, computer networks, electricity, heating, air conditioning, intrusion control, access control, blinds, curtains, shutters, ventilation, telephone, audio, video … any room, all coordinated and controlled from your iPad.
  • Control the building through an intuitive interface.
  • All the sensations of home cinema at home or in each meeting room or each office.
  • Instantly create the right atmosphere with the lighting control.
  • Increase the comfort in the building and improve the indoor environment.
  • Manage the energy consumption in the building.
  • Real time knowledge of all the technical information in the building.
  • Make accurate diagnoses, work at distance and avoid unnecessary travel.

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