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Global Switch Datacentre at Clichy

From concept design through to completion of the largest datacentre in France

Global Switch Datacenter, Paris
Completion of the largest datacentre in France
With this new datacentre to the west of Paris, Reid Brewin Architects have provided Global Switch Paris with one of the largest surface areas and one of the biggest electrical power supplies in France in terms of datacentres.
The campus consists of two datacentres for hosting computer servers. As well as the redevelopment of the site and renovation of the existing building, the project also included an external parking area on the ground floor and a technical building of 1000 m² housing the electrical generators.

Sleek, elegant design

Global Switch Paris
Horizontal louvres and vertical spines
The architectural form of this high-tech building is sleek and elegant. The facades are clad in thin horizontal metal blades or ‘louvres’ with vertical spines, accentuating the structure of the building. Two types of metal plates are used depending on the ventilation requirements of the technical equipment. The choice to use horizontal louvres makes reference to some of the key mechanical functions of datacentre construction, namely the ventilation and cooling of the electrical generators and the evacuation of the heat generated by the computers. The copper colour echoes the vast quantity of copper cables used to circulate the electricity throughout the building.

A technical challenge in terms of climatic conditions and energy supply

Global Switch Paris
Data suite
Controlling the internal environment is essential to the efficient operation of any datacentre. In considering the climatic requirements of the project from the outset, the design team were able maximise the potential of free-cooling and simplify the air conditionning systems as well as the cable networks.
Reid Brewin Architects collaborated closely with the team of electrical and mechanical engineers from WSP France, continuously reviewing and discussing the design solutions in order to ensure these systems were as efficient and effective as possible.

Need for urban integration

Global Switch Paris
Urban park that borders the site
The design concept of the Global Switch Paris datacentre is understated and homogeneous so that volumes integrate harmoniously into the surrounding urban landscape, with the Paris St Lazare and Clichy-Levallois train stations situated close by. Particular attention was paid to the architectural treatment of facades in order that the colour is consistent with similar hues of buildings in the local area.
The site borders the existing Parc des Impressionnistes in Clichy and therefore will be highlighted by the surrounding green spaces that will form part of the proposed urban park nearby at Bac d’Asnières.

Sustainable responsibility

This new datacentre is consistent with Reid Brewin Architects approach to sustainable design and our environmental responsibility. In terms of ventilation, the building is designed to encourage natural air circulation and thus to use as little energy as possible. From an acoustic point of view, an innovative system of noise reduction is in place to ensure the tranquility of the local residentis.
Global Switch Paris
External view of the new Global Switch Datacentre near Paris

For further information on the project, click the link below: Global Switch, Paris Press release for Global Switch

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