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Fully bilingual architectural service


March 2015 at our Architectural Practice

Datacenter Modulaire
Reid Brewin Architects offer a fully bilingual service

Are you French and wish to undertake an architectural project in the UK or in another English speaking country? Are you English speaking and wanting to embark on an architectural project in France or another French speaking country? Reid Brewin Architects practice is one of the few firms that have the structure in place and the specialist expertise to carry out fully bilingual architectural projects, which includes extensive knowledge and experience of the procedures and building regulations in both France and the UK.

What is the added value that we bring at RB-Architects? We are able to identify and guide our clients through the differences between the two systems, explain the particularities to look out for and propose suitable solutions. These must take into account the requirements of each country’s administrative procedures. A full understanding of these at every stage of the architectural design process is essential – from conception through to construction and completion.

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