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Datacenter Dynamics Paris 2010

June 2010 at our Architectural Practice

The economic development agency ‘Invest in Reims’ (funded by the Chamber of Commerce and Reims Métropole) are co-piloting a project for a datacenter park (campus). Reims Métropole will provide the land for this park to real estate developers located in the east of France. The developers take charge of the construction and marketing of the project, finding suitable investors and clients to sell on all or part of the buildings. The datacenter space may also be offered to the end user on a co-leasing contract. Within 2-3 years there should be at least 2000-4000m² of computer space available. The advantages of the chosen site: speed to get to Reims by train (30 minutes from Roissy and 45 from Paris), the quality of EDF Energy supply, the presence of a metropolitan area network owned by the city of Reims, and several telecom operators. Our practice Reid Brewin Architects has been appointed to work on the design scheme for the buildings and surronding area having previously worked on similar construction sites in Clichy for Global Switch and in Pantin for Equinix Datacenter.
Datacenter Dynamics Paris
Datacenter Park at Reims

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