data centre facade

Completed project – Global Switch Datacentre

August 2011 at our Architectural practice

Global Switch Datacenter, Paris
Extension to Global Switch Datacentre
After 18 months of construction and 2 years of preliminary design studies, the extension to Global Switch’s datacentre campus in Paris is now complete. Reid Brewin Architects continue to work on the entrance renovation project which will be completed in November 2011. Due to its prominent location in the west of Paris, Reid Brewin Architects have paid particular attention to the external aspect of the new buildings. The façades are clad in striking copper-coloured louvres, symbolising the use of copper cabling within the building – a prominent feature of datacentres. Reid Brewin Architects have been fully involved in the progress of the site works throughout the last 18 months, attending regular meetings, providing construction details and checking the quality of the contractors work. The new extension, with a total net floor area of 13,767m², provides an additional 10,000m² of data suites to the existing datacentre.
To find out more about this project please click on the link below or visit our press room where a brochure is available for download.

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