BIM Modeling: the Key to our Architectural Process


May 2012 in our architectural practice

3D Revit Model showing interior space

The architectural practice Reid Brewin Architects has recently acquired the BIM (Building Information Modelling) software Revit, which is published by Autodesk. This software is a tool that can produce intelligent 3D modelling of a building design.    The great advantage of using Revit is that the software facilitates the analysis of the design concept to ensure overall coherence and can predict performance prior to construction with simulation tools. It also improves the collaboration process amongst the many construction professionals as all information is kept on one model. Although there is an initial investment of time to order to set up the model, thereafter the ability to instantly access lots of information and rapidly produce plans, sections and elevations of buildings, makes for a more efficient and cost effective way of working.   The use of BIM is integral to the development of our ISO 9001 management system and allows us to monitor of the quality of our service on an on-going basis.

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