Architect’s Open Days

Architect practices in France open their doors to the public

On the 3rd and 4th June, in association with the Ordre des Architectes, architectural practices all over France and throughout the French overseas territories will be opening their doors to the public. The aim of these two days is an opportunity for the wider public to find out more about the architect’s role in the construction process.
RB-Architects supports this initiative, with the other architects from the surrounding Sentier area.
“ArchiSentier” brings together a dozen architectural practices and designers, united together by their proximity to the historic area of Paris known as “Sentier”.
The goal of the association is to take advantage of the exceptional density of designers, architects, landscape architects, ecologists, engineers and other specialists who participate in the daily life and changes that take place in the Sentier neighbourhood where they work.
ArchiSentier becomes an observatory of urban developments which originating from Sentier question themes that affect a much wider area.
As part of the Open Days organised by the Ordre des Architectes, ArchiSentier invites you to their exhibition showcasing the work from local practices, Friday, June 3 from 17h at 8 rue du Sentier.
Click on the link below for further information and for a list of the participants (in french): Architectural Open Days 2015
RB-Architectes Sentier
“ArchiSentier” Association brings together Parisian Architects

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